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Xavier Quijas Yxayotl

Of Huichol heritage Xavier presents native culture performances of ancestral music from the Maya, Aztec, Tarahumara, Tepehuane, Yaqui, and other indigenous pre-Hispanic peoples of Meso-America. Traditional music of ancient Mexico, Aztec dance performances, Mayan rhythms... ANCIENT MUSIC FOR A NEW GENERATION


The mission of OLLIN YOLIZTLI CALMECAC is to investigate, understand and raise awareness of the MEXICAYOTL culture, which flourished in Mexico prior to the arrival of the Spanish in 1492.

The Clay Studio
Founded in 1974, The Clay Studio supports the ceramic arts through its artist residencies, gallery, studio space, and school, educational & outreach programs. The programs of the Clay Studio reflect the dual character of the organization: as a community centered institution involved with the life of the city and region, and as a national and international focal point for ceramic arts. Because The Clay Studio, believes in promoting broad access to the ceramic arts, programs are geared to all levels of interest and proficiency.

Scribe Video Center
SCRIBE VIDEO CENTER, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization, was founded in 1982 as a place where people could work together and gain skills in media

The Institute for Cultural Partnerships
Communities all across the nation have become increasingly diverse. These changes impact our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, places of worship and everywhere that people live, learn, work and play.

Demographic changes, and the desire by many individuals to be recognized in their own terms, are factors which have contributed to this increased attention to diversity.

Diversity encompasses many elements, among which are race and ethnicity, gender, language, disability, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation, and economic means.

Far too often, we see hatred and intolerance for people who are perceived to be "different" result in taunts, slurs, and "innocent" jokes, acts of prejudice and discrimination, property damage, and even violence.

None of us is immune, but each of us can make a difference.

Our Mission

The Institute for Cultural Partnerships facilitates opportunities for understanding among diverse cultures and communities.

Americans for the Arts
Nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America.

The Association
of American Cultures

TAAC convenes artists and cultural workers that are reflective of our pluralistic society to inform and advocate for democratic cultural policy.

TAAC’s leadership is instrumental in achieving:

1. Equal participation in policymaking
2. Equitable funding for all cultural institutions
3. Elevation in multicultural leadership
4. Essential networks that impact cultural policy

In fulfilling its mission and vision, TAAC:

1. Respects the integrity of the diversity of cultural expressions
2. Believes in the inclusiveness of all artists and cultural workers in the arts/culture policy dialogue
3. Advocates for recognition and equality of cultural world views within their historical context
4. Embraces principles of cultural democracy that support practices reflecting diverse creative visions of excellence and open dialogue.