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  • Bird Clay Whistle- Clay and Jade beads -necklaces

    "Xaya" Clay Flutes. (Glazed)

    In 2007 I got my Aztec name “Tletxayacoatl” (The Snake with the Face on Fire) in a summer solstice ceremonial in Chicago with Master “Ocelocoatl” (The jaguar & Snake) and Master “Xavier Quijas Yxayotl”. As well I won a grant from The Institute for Cultural Partnership to learn how to make “Tlapizcalli” Clay flutes, with the Master “ Xavier Quijas Yxayotl” this has been the first time that, I got some training in art but them I just tryed by my own and I did make a clay instrument called “Ehekachiktli” -The Dead Whistle- an instrument that is very old.

    XAYA: Means "Facial Features" in the Native language of Mexico called Nahuatl.

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  • Unglazed Clay Flutes

    "Xaya" Clay Flutes (Unglazed)

    The peoples of ancient Mexico had a large variety of flutes and whistles, from small whistles which imitate bird calls, to large flutes which can have two and four barrels that can be played simultaneously. Much more than toys, the whistles were genuine musical instruments. Experts are teasing thousand-year-old secrets from the clay whistles, ocarinas and flutes of the ancient Americas, discovering that these old musical instruments are surprisingly advanced in their construction and tonal qualities.

    Once dismissed as toys, these objects are now seen as ancient American wind instruments that were vital to the life of the Inca and Maya peoples and Aztec including the ruling elite.

    Recently in Belize, a rich lode of instruments was unearthed from a royal tomb, underscoring their importance.

    The new appreciation of the Pre-Columbian instruments is being fueled by recent discoveries of musical objects at archeological sites in Central and South America and by increasingly rigorous analysis of such instruments for their cultural significance and mechanical action.

    Indeed, some are turning out to be so complex that they have no counterparts in modern instruments.

    Army of Researchers

    In the last few years, a small army of physicists, archeologists, anthropologists, musicians, ethnomusicologists, and craftsmen have probed these ancient wind instruments with tools, X-rays, stethoscopes, stroboscopes, tape recorders, frequency meters and spectrum analyzers.

    In one case, a tiny ocarina, which is generally more complex than a whistle and wider than a flute, generated much interest because it had an impressive ability to produce 17 notes. X-rays showed it to have three hidden chambers that gave it unusual versatility.

    The ancient inhabitants of Costa Rica crafted ocarinas that represented birds, armadillos, owls, bats tapirs, monkeys, and other rain forest creatures.

    Today modern Latin American artists make ocarinas inspired by the ancient ones. The instruments are played by blowing in the small hole at the end, covering with your fingers the four holes on the body, and leaving the large hole at the end uncovered.

    When fingers are lifted off any of the four holes on the body , varying sounds are created.

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  • Munoz-Marin Luis Elementary School

    This mural at Munoz-Marin Luis Elementary School was a collaboration with other artist and I did create the the fake terra-cotta roof and the mosaic tiles with the kids hand arround

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  • Cooper Point NJ

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  • Diagnosis


    Diagnosis (Greek:from Dia- "apart-split", and Gnosi "to learn, knowledge") is the identification of the nature of anything, either by process of elimination or other analytical methods. Diagnosis is used in many different disciplines, with slightly different implementations on the application of logic and experience to determine the cause and effect relationships. Below are given as examples and tools used by the respective professions in medicine, science, engineering, business. Diagnosis also is used in many other trades and professions to determine the causes of symptoms, mitigations for problems, or solutions to issues.

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  • Computer Cat

    Sculptures "Reincarnations from the Future"

    The inspiration for my artwork comes from Alebriges, a traditional art form adopted by the Mexican indigenous of Southern Mexico after the Spanish came. Now is famous In the regions of Oaxaca, Veracruz, Tabasco, and Chiapas, Alebriges were originally whittled as toys for children. The wooden and paper maché sculptures depict illusionary creatures: demons, trolls, animals-mystical and mythological beings from the dream world. These fantastical beings, mutated characters from the other world, tap into the fears of our time.

    Why do I call my pieces Reincarnations from the Future?

    Trash is so predominate in Western culture, one day it will take on a life of its own and mutate into new forms. All these machines in our society are taking away life, taking the place of our bodies and minds. All of these unnecessary objects, this trash, are morphing into living creatures themselves. My sculptures are made from objects found in the trash, from my own house and throughout the city of Philadelphia. A piece of broken computer gains arms, horns, tongues and wings from my imagination. Imagine for a moment that all of our trash could somehow pull itself together and recycle itself into another life form. That is what I want you to see.

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  • Sin titulo

    Fotografia / Photographia

    Digital Pictures.

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