Institution for Cultural Partnership (ICP) and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA): 2007
Apprenticeship under Master Xavier Quijas Yxayotl to learn how to make Clay Flutes and Naive Mexican Music, culminating in a presentation “The Fall of the Bellybutton of the Moon” festival, free for the public in Philadelphia PA.

University of Massachusetts Amherts: Arts Extension Service: 2006
One year period where I took online course on strategic planning and development for arts-oriented, nonprofit organizations. Site visits to Museums, Communities Centers all this part of Penn. Consult on the Arts.

Hispanic Leadership Development Program: 2005
Monthly courses in Nonprofit management with The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University and The United Way of southeaster Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts: Arts Management Internship: 2005
Internship for Arts development and management, including internship at the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Institute for Cultural Partnership, Mt. Pleasant Hispanic American Center, and Philadelphia Folklore Project.

Colegio de ballichers No. 6 Vicente Guerrero 1993-1996
Studies related to Logic, psychology, philosophy and liberal arts.
Escuela Secundaria Tecnica No. 58 Austin Nañes y No. 107 1990-1993
Studies related to electricity, carpentry, clothing design and liberal arts.
Escuela Primaria Muralismo Mexicano. 1983-1990
Studies related to puppetry, dance, mime, special arts programs and liberal arts.